Slide into Second Base every week with co-hosts Bren Gomez & Diamond Doom as we taco bout all things Los Angeles Dodgers. That’s right, we’re two girls talking not just about baseball, but about the best baseball team in the world and everything that might entail. Each episode, we recap the latest games and cover your typical baseball fare, like RBIs, ERAs, OPS, and a bunch of other abbreviations, sure. Then we get to the good stuff, discussing things like why baseball pants are still see-through, how to prevent your Dodgers hat from messing up your fly AF hair, and arguing which player has the cutest dog. We start at Second Base, but we def go all the way.

For an in-depth explanation of why we started this podcast, please listen to our introductory episode or read the episode recap here. Second Base is based in Los Angeles. We are not affiliated with the Dodgers or MLB in any official capacity. We’re just two girls loyal to 40 boys in blue.

To contact us about advertising, interviews, or any other official biz, you can fill out this form or you may send a very nice email to listen@ secondbasepod.com.

About Bren
Bren Gomez is a writer and beauty expert who constantly worries the Dodgers aren’t wearing enough sunblock. A third-generation native Angeleno, she was born into the blue and is a lifelong Dodgers fan. You can follow her on Twitter or Instagram @omgbren, visit her blog, or look for her at a Dodgers game. She’s the girl in the party box covered in glitter and asking everyone about their dogs.

About Diamond
Diamond Doom is a former music journalist turned gaming and tech writer who likes s’mores and bald dogs. When not at Dodgers games, she’s cycling, surfing, hanging from a trapeze, and listening to stoner metal. You can follow her on Instagram @diamondfischer.