Field Trip: Behind the Scenes at SportsNetLA HQ

July 31, 2019

Along with some other key Dodgers bloggers/influencers, we at Second Base were recently invited to spend the day at SportsNetLA’s studios at Spectrum’s HQ in Los Angeles. How cool is that? It’s like, hello, we’ve officially made it.

If for some reason you’re not familiar with SportsNetLA, it’s the exclusive channel of the Dodgers, available through Spectrum. Basically, it’s what you gotta have if you wanna watch Dodgers games as well as highlights, pre- and post-game coverage, Backstage: Dodgers, and other Dodgers content. It’s basically our dream channel: all Dodgers, all the time. THE BEST, RIGHT?

Anyway, we were really honored to be invited, and we had the best and most enlightening time seeing what it takes to broadcast a game that goes at its own pace. Sometimes games are quick, sometimes they take 18 innings, ahem, but there’s always something happening. So we were able to take a behind-the-scenes tour of the studio, watch Access: Dodgers being filmed live, and see SNLA on-air talent in action. Bren didn’t even steal a single bobblehead from the studio collection (pictured above), although she did keep trying to sneak into the hair and makeup room. Typical.

Oh, and did we mention we also got the chance to have lunch and watch a Dodgers game (duh) with SNLA anchors Chase Utley, Jerry Hairston, Jr., and John Hartung.

We’re somewhere in this photo. Hint: We’re not Chase, Jerry, or John.

That’s right. I said Chase Utley, as well as Jerry Hairston, Jr. Two former Dodgers, two world series champs. Just casually watching a Dodgers game with them. No biggie.

We’re getting ahead of ourselves though. Before that went down, we were able to grill the Spectrum team on when they’re gonna allow us to stream games from our phones. We, uh, don’t actually have an answer for you , but trust us, Bren tried and even resorted to bribery to get answers. While she didn’t get any concrete info, she did get a pretty cool reusable water bottle, as did Diamond. We’ll take the little victories.

While at the studio, we also got to meet fellow Dodgers lovers and media from Pantone 294, Dodger Blue, ThinkBlueLA, and Chavez Ravine Fiends (all pictured above). That was a nice bonus, as we’re pretty new to the community and love meeting fellow Dodgers fans.

That sounds a like a full day already, right? It didn’t end there. We were given the opportunity to interview Chase, John, and Jerry for our podcast! And we even showed Chase Utley our favorite gif of him (the one below, to be exact). He’d never seen it before, so you’re welcome, Chase.


We’re just out here spreading the good word of Chase gifs, which to be honest, is one of the main reasons we started a podcast.

And since we’re a podcast, we’re def not going to give you the good stuff in a blog post. Ha, of course not! To get the goods, i.e. the interview, you’re gonna have to actually tune in and listen. We get to 2nd Base with John Hartung, Jerry Hairston Jr., and Chase Utley in Episode 9, while in Episode 10, we focus more on our entire day at SportsNetLA. You can listen to both episodes on Spotify, iTunes, or Stitcher (click here for links to each!).

Thank you again so much to Spectrum, SportsNetLA, and Stacey for inviting us and allowing us to be part of such a fun, special day. We had a blast and hope we get to do it again soon.

Oh and sorry not sorry if we left Dodger blue glitter all over everything. That’s just how we do.

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