Dodgers Gifscopes: The Horoscope You Didn’t Even Know You Needed

July 28, 2019

We have a new weekly feature we’d like to introduce: DODGERS GIFSCOPES. What is a Gifscope? It’s your horoscope in gif form, specifically, in a Dodgers gif.

Every Sunday evening (or occasional Monday morning, depending on if we fall asleep early or not), we’ll be posting your horoscope in the form of a Dodger reaction gifs on our Twitter feed. Basically: Bren will read the weekly horoscope for any given sign and interpret in the form of a Dodgers gif, then post it to our feed.

Are you Walker screaming fuck for Aquarius this week? Are are you Cody throwing a bat for Virgo? Maybe you’re Kik√© shakin’ them hips for Capricorn, or Joe Kelly dancing in the bullpen for Gemini.

Sounds fun, right? It’s totally fun. Twitter will be the only place you can find them, so don’t check our website or our Instagram account and wonder/complain that you can’t find them.

Twitter. Every Sunday night. Dodgers Gifscopes. It’s all happening.

All gifs are courtsey of Bryan Kephart, whom you can follow on Twitter @thundercrat.

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