July 27, 2019

In our 8th episode, we covered a lot. You’ll have to listen to the episode to get the goods. We know you wanna hear about Bren’s bad Dodgers-inspired dating tactics, and you’ll definitely want to listen to Bryan Kephart talk about the time he won a contest to throw out the first ceremonial pitch at Dodgers Stadium. So you can easily keep up, here are links to everything visual that we covered:

Urban Dictionary: Second Base
Chase Utley’s Retirement Ceremony
It’s Always Sunny: Mac’s Love Letter to Chase Utley
Dieter Ruehle & DJ Severe’s Bumgarner Soundtrack
Clayton Kershaw No-Hitter 5 Year Anniversary
White Sox, Nationals, Pirates Are First MLB Teams to Further Extend Protective Netting at Stadiums

Last but not least… An actual gif of Bryan Kephart throwing out his first pitch. Gifs or it didn’t happen, right? It totally happened!

We’re also doing a giveaway! Tell us your favorite memory at Dodgers Stadium for a chance to win a Puigy Bank. You can DM us the deets or email them to us at listen(@)secondbasepod.com. We’ll read some of our favorites on-air and pick a favorite to win in the next few episodes!

Photos & Gifs: Courtesy of Bryan Kephart

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