S1E4: Walk-Up Songs & the MLB Food Fest in LA

April 19, 2019

Bren spent weeks avoiding Dodger walk-up songs, and she was rewarded with learning that her favorite Dodger has one of her all-time favorite songs as his walk-up. If you aren’t familiar with Joe Kelly’s walk-up song, it’s time to learn. Warning: The song is very, very, explicit. It’s a dick-first kind of song.

While you’re partying, be sure to grab your tix to the MLB Food Fest! It’s coming to LA (DTLA, specifically) for the first time ever from April 26th-28th. This is pretty much your only chance to try food from all 30 MLB Ballparks, because, honestly when are you ever going to a Dodgers game in Milwaukee? Or, you know, if you’ve ever wanted to try Rocky Mountain Oysters. Tickets start at $45 and they’re available now. Yes, you will see us there. We’ll be the ones eating everything except Rocky Mountain Oysters.

Oh, and speaking of being a fatass, here’s that great, quotable moment from the man himself, David Freese:

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