S1EP1: Slide into 2nd Base With Us

April 19, 2019

Second Base is basically two girls talking about, you guessed it, baseball. Not just baseball, of course, but the best baseball team in the world, the Los Angeles Dodgers.

We have two co-hosts: Bren Gomez and Diamond Doom, and we’ll be taking you on this wild ride with us as we discuss all things blue for the 2019 season.

In this episode, we don’t go all the way, but we do get to Second Base. Haha! Basically, this is an introductory episode where you can get to know us a little bit, why we’re qualified to talk about the Dodgers (we’re not, which means we totally are), and our format. We also get into how we met (spoiler alert: It was at Dodger Stadium!), why we started this, and what we hope to accomplish with this podcast (besides a World Series win, obviously).

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